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Device: Sony PRS-600
Thumbs down Where does additional flash storage really fit in?

I took delivery of my PRS-600 a couple of days ago and, as a piece of hardware, it does the job I needed it to do. However, to be frank, the documentation (user guide for the device and help file for the Reader Library) are very poor. I think also the firmware is not bug-free. I feel like a beta tester. Have read up a bit about Calibre, which tempts me to give that a go.

I ordered a 16GB Kingston SDHC card at the same time, and plugging it in "works", insofar as it is seen by the RL software. I would expect the system of the device itself to reflect the presence of the card in the memory report that appears on a cold startup. However, it still shows only the inbuilt storage available. I see repeatedly in the docs that Sony would not certify that *any* brand would work.

Should I conclude that this card *doesn't* work, then? Or am I mistaken in the assumption (taken from the Sony sales pitch) that adding a card increases the storage available to the device? The poorly-written documentation doesn't make it clear, one way or the other.

I'd be pleased to know what experiences others have had with their cards.

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