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Originally Posted by jswinden View Post
I think most of the complaints against the 900's screen are from people with little or no intuition or imagination. They look at the screen under one lighting condition and judge the 900. NO e-ink screen looks good in low light. Few, if any, look good in the flourescent lighting of department stores. However, if you read in direct sunlight, the screen on the 900 looks fabulous. If you use a good book light for low light reading and position that light appropriately, the 900 screen looks fabulous.

And do NOT look at a 600 screen and think the 900 looks the same. The 900 screen is MUCH better than that of the 600. Unfortunately, many Best Buys have 600 models on display but no 900 models on display.
Indeed. One needs to get the unit in head and try in their normal, comfortable reading conditions so see how they feel about it. I am testing a PRS-900 and a prs-300 right now and in all of my normal reading conditions the prs-300 looks much better. Now if you take the prs-900 and place in lighting conditions that mimic diffused sunlight (think cloudy day) you'll notice the prs900 screen improves drastically. I haven't decided if I'm keeping mine yet due to the discomforting screen. I've given it a fair chance and the last chance I'm going to give it is under a might bright travelflex as recommended else where, once it arrives in the mail. If it makes it look very nice, I'll keep it. Of course, I'll take it back to best buy and save my self the 25 bucks in taxes and get it online but at least I as able to test in house. If not, then I guess I'll be looking at one of the various 6 inch models out there or just wait several more weeks to see what else shows up. Perhaps the bebook Neo or Boox (same hardware, different firmware).

Moral of story: when getting ebook readers, try out as many as you can in your home and try to make direct comparisons if possible. You're only guessing which will look best to you under your conditions by not doing so.
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