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Originally Posted by dmaul1114 View Post
We'll see. I'm skeptical it will get that high, as everyone needs a PC and/or laptop, not everyone needs a tablet.

So Apple gets Mac sales from people needing pcs/laptops but wanting to get away from Windows, while the Tablet will just appeal to people who need something between a phone and laptop AND don't care about windows OS etc. so it's a smaller market as a whole I'd think.

But I hope it sells well. Even though it doesn't quite fit my needs, the iPad selling well would prove there is a market for a tablet devices that aren't full PCs and give me more options as competitors rush into the market.
Anyone who needs a PC or laptop already has one, ie. Market saturation yet there are millions of people who still buy laptops every year and that market is increasing. No one has a tablet like this. So the potential is huge. And once Apple gets it's marketing hooks into this, everyone is going to want one.
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