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Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
According to the Digital Editions press release Sony is partnering with Adobe for DE. But DE is just in (or about to be) beta for Linux.

How hard would it be to use Book Designer to be able to offer books for the Sony Reader? I think if you did offer DRMless LRF books, you might have more sales.

I just had a look at some of your Star Trek books for sale. What I'd like to know is how the pricing is devised . Some books still in print are $5.99 and some of the newer books are $6.99. Would it not make sense to have the same price for all the regular paperback edition that are still in print? I'm just curious as to how this is handled.

The Star Trek books you're looking at are on, my sister site. I administer, The pricing at eBooksAboutEverything is straight from the publisher (excluding the discounts they offer, which directly out of their own margins.)

The most enlightening look I've gotten on the backward seeming eBook pricing model was right here on MobileRead... see the link : why do ebooks... all about pricing models.

Also, the decision to DRM or not to DRM is based on publisher choice as well.... I personally like the non-DRM model, we at DPPstore, sell innovative fiction and non-fiction in a non-DRM format. You can use your file as you see fit (excluding copying content from within the file or printing the file)... you can transfer it to as many computers or devices as you need to for your use. We believe in treating our customers like honest people.

Our sister store,, serves the needs of people who want content from the major publishers - most of whom refuse to fly without DRM - sadly, in my opinion. They are serving eBooks in every format that the publishers choose to make available... they'll be adding mobipocket books to this equation in the next week.

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