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hi ,

i have tried cygwin and cramfs but didnt work for me.i tested anothere site commands and was not use full can see here:

can you help?the last comment is mine and i have discussed the errors.

Originally Posted by budalb View Post
OK. I started this thread. Here is my report (similar to #6 by shmrck):

1) download 'boroda" FW.
2) unpack new_opt.600.img using cramfs-tools. I did this under cygwin for safe:
cramfsck -v -x opt -d opt.dt new_opt.600.img
3) copy chinese fonts from PRS505 hack to /opt/sony/ebook/FONT.
4) re-pack img file (name has to be the same):
mkcramfs -D opt.dt opt new_opt.600.img
5) re-create MD5 checksum:
md5sum new_opt.600.img > new_opt.600.md5

6) To be safe, I didn't flash this image file. Instead I flashed the original russian image (see instruction in the link of my original post). After flashing, the directory "test" in sony reader is deleted by flash script. Recopy "test" to the reader and reboot. Now the autorun hack is ready.

7) replace new_opt.600.img and new_opt.600.md5 in "test" with the modified image and md5 files.

8) in SD card make an empty file "Sony Reader/software/autorun.xml"

9) hold MENU button and Vol + at the same time, then insert SD card till the testing menu shows up. release buttons.

10) press "ZOOM" button to load test FW. If successfull, the new image files are good. You can do the regular flash. For me, the image file is too big since the chinese fonts files I added are too big. This is the reason to be safe.

11) Instead, I modified the script to do "mount --bind" and changed my system font directory to be "/Data/FONT" and put chinese fonts in that direcory.

Now I can see chinese in the menu navigations. For EPUB, I am still confused with how to make it recognize chinese. I have some EPUB file without embed fonts, displaying chinese fonts correctly, but not all. I can fix some but not all again.

Special thanks to porkupan for his help in the process!!!!
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