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Red face Hi and Overwhelmed!

Hi everyone

My name is Arianne from the UK! I don't own a device yet - in fact I'm finding the whole experience slightly overwhelming - weird as I normally consider myself quite tech-savvy. I'm thinking about getting a Bebook Neo, but I'll wait to see what the initial feedback is from people once they start shipping.

Anyway - can anyone advise me where to start? There's so much information here but there's almost too much. I'm a bit snowed under when it comes to looking at software to use, and hearing people talking about formatting and re-formatting books and scanning their own stuff.

I'd like to be able to:
  • Scan in some of my own books
  • Be able to read pdfs on my ereader (I knit a lot, and it would be brilliant to be able to tote knitting patterns around so I can read and knit at the same time )
  • Be able to annotate (I read a lot of German language books and it's handy to be able to make notes on unusual translations etc
  • Understand all the different ebook formats and what's good/bad about each one...

Where on earth do I start? At the moment I'm just feeling really which is annoying me as I want to get back into reading (haven't done much in years due to lack of space and time) but the hubster and I are trying to change our lifestyles to give us more time and money for the things we like to do and I figure reading more is a good place to start

Sorry for the ramble - any help would be massively appreciated.
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