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Yes, I used it just now the first time - and it is very easy and fast. I think there is only one restriction - it requires MS Word 2003.
1. Download the .exe and double-click it to install. The installation program interface seems to be in German, but I guessed there is an installation directory that can be changed if needed. After you click to install - it is silent. Does not give you any message that installation is complete, but in a second or two it is done. You can check that there are files in the installation directory, plus there will be a shortcut on a Desktop - doc2fb.
2. Double-click on the shortcut - it brings up program window.

1 - Files
2 - Settings
3 - Info
4 - Select a Folder
5 - Convert
6 - Log

Some comments. The program is ready for batch processing, so it tells you to select a folder, not a file. So if you only have one file to convert - place it in a separate folder.

Once you selected the folder, click a button to Convert. It is very fast - and you will see a message in the Log that a converted file is created and placed in the folder with the original file.

Just open the generated file and see how it looks.

What I noticed. It reads MS Word Properties Author and Title fields to insert it in the fb2, so verify the doc before converting.

Here is a screen shot of the Settings tab.

1 - Show MS Word during conversion
2 - Close doc2fb after conversion
3 - Replace Line-break with Paragraph-break
4 - Remove blank lines
5 - Read references as (regular expression)
6 - Read comments as (regular expression)
7 - Save changes as a document version
Button on the bottom - Save Settings

Good luck!

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