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Text in blue was added today

First, my experience with Jointech then some questions...

I got my reader just over a week ago and decided it wasn't what I wanted. I've spent the last week emailing daily trying to get someone at Sales4online (owned by Jointech) to approve the return. Seven days seems like a long time to go without any kind of response. Per the sales person, someone has been sending me emails but I haven't gotten anything - yes checked spam, junk, etc. I don't have anything from anyone.

From their Website: You may return or exchange items purchased However, no returns will be accepted without a prior return authorization, which may be given to you via email. There is also a restocking fee of 15% or 25%, depending on the condition of the device. It's brand, spanking new but I speculate they would sock me for the larger fee. That would be $62.50 plus the cost of shipping to Hong Kong. They don't charge 15% or 25% - they charge 15% AND 25% for a total of 40% to return the device. And they say the reader is really $200, not $250. So the refund would be 60% of $200 or $120.

I finally got a one sentence reply this morning. The reply read, "I hope you have got the reply and have already sent the unit back. That once we get we refund you. " Of course I haven't sent it back! No one has given authorization - or acknowledged my emails! Funny, this reply came 12 hours after my last email advising them that on Monday I would start posting at various Websites about their lack of response.

Lesson learned - I don't feel comfortable buying from a company I can't contact in a more direct way. I guess I'll keep my device because I it's better than losing the money AND the reader. I don't think that one sentence email was an official authorization and it takes too much work to get them to reply! I have no confidence that I would ever get a refund if I sent back the reader. Hopefully, this is a fluke and others don't have this experience. So now I know (or they say) they replied to emails. I still think their restocking fee is crazy but they can charge whatever they want. I just wish it was spelled out on their site - that they charge BOTH fees mentioned not either/or.

Now, on to my questions.

Still looking for answers to the questions in bold, and as always, thanks for your help.

1) Is there a way to Windows in landscape mode or do I have to manually rotate it every time I reboot? I haven't found a way to set this.

2) I keep deleting most of the default shortcuts on the desktop but when I reboot, they are all back. How do I remove them permanently?

3) I have tried several versions of Alreader2 but everything is half Russian or full of odd characters. Yes, I tried the file in Coldsun's review thread. What am I missing?

4) When I test Alreader while I have the USB connected to the reader, it puts my laptop in sleep mode. Is this normal?

5) Is there a way to use folder with Mobireader? If not, are their any other programs that support folders? I use Calibre so can convert to any format but most file I currently have are ePub or Mobi.

6) My battery only charge to 90%. I'm guessing it should go to 100% so does anyone else have this issue?

7) Larger capacity micro card - I added the files to allow for higher capacity micro cards but with all te back and forth, I'm confused. If I want to pick up a 4 or 8 GB micro card, I can use a micro SDHC as long as I format it as FAT and not FAT32? Does the class matter - as in class 4?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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