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USB ports


what would you think about getting some USB ports to extend the hardwarde?

Actual we have the USB TO GO as micro USB connector and
one host USB at the mini pci-e connector (pin 36/38)
see: mini pci-e pinout

The processor has an other usb host but I didn't find a place where it looks like usb.

But what about takeing the usb from the pci-e into a hub and reroute one of the outs to pci-e and take the others for usb-stick (yeah memory expansion) and other usefull things (camera, wifi, ...).
One problem is that there are no 5 V in kindle but it can be solved with a step up converter like this:
3.3V to 5V converter

Would the kernal handle the hub automaticly?

It is quite difficult to get to the USB pins of the mini pci-e connector because the are below the card (on the card side of the connector)!
One way might be to use a mini pci-e SD adapter like: MR04R
which uses acording to the shematics (MR04R_schematic.pdf) no USB and it looks like there is enough place to catch the UBS pins!

If the smaller mini SD adapter (MR09R) uses the same hardware (no shematic found) there would be some place left for some extensions
eg. a USB stick for memory expansion and a mini-sc-card for wifi

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