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Help: Tips & Tutorials on how to debind, seperate pages & scan a hardback book to PDF

Tips & Tutorials on how to debind, seperate pages & scan a hardback book to PDF???

I have a handful of books that I would like to turn into PDFs that I can use as reference when Im not at home and so I dont have to carry the hardback books around. I have a 50 page autofeeder all in one scanner and have adobe professional 8.2.0. Will this software be ok for editing and such as per my questions below or will I need other software or some better software to make compiling the digital format, table of contents or pages easier?

I did a search on here and also a google search haven't really found much for tips and tutorials on how to properly debind and separate pages from a hard/paperback book for scanning for using the auto feeder to scan. And some tips and or tutorials on keeping the file size low with the quality of the scans high (dpi settings, ocr etc?). Most are books that have color pictures.

Also, I would like to learn the easiet and best way to set up the table of contents, numbering of the pages and bookmarks properly and easily according to the way the hardback/paperback book is set up.

I dont want to take the time to flatbed scan them and know this will essentially "destroy" the book. I guess Ill put them in 3 ring binders or some other method to keep the paper version available when at home.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to help answer these questions and or link me to proper tutorials to simplify this process for a newbie!!!

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