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see, i completely disagree with regards to flash. i have a strong distaste for flash personally. i recently found a plugin for my browser that disables all flash content completely unless i click on it. LOVE IT!

the problem with flash is that adobe is willing to do whatever it takes to make flash succeed with their hands strongly strangling all who use it. .... willing to do everything except actually put any development resources behind non-windows systems or make it open source that is.

the biggest problem with flash is that its not an open standard. nothing else is as ubiquitous on the internet yet is also a completely closed standard. because of that, it will always have issues. the internet is really better off without it. all of the major video players (youtube, vimeo, etc.) are making their libraries completely h264 (non-flash) compliant. Hulu should be next.

the iPad doesn't need flash. hulu just needs to make an app that allows their video to play over h264. that's it. case solved.
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