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i agree that i think how closely it integrates with media will have a lot to do with the level of its mainstream success. its poised to be an incredible launching pad for lots of different media sources: TV, movies, newspapers, magazines, all kinds of books, as well as the internet.

its good to see jobs hitting up print media hard. this is something he most likely couldn't do much of before the initial announcement, but no doubt he's doing it big time now that the device is public.

i'd love to see hulu embrace the iPad and announce a hulu iPad app for example. i think that would be a HUGE hit and translate extremely well.

i'm also extremely interested in if magazines and newspapers can utilize its potential as well. as someone who used to have more subscriptions to both, i can definitely see myself buying into them again if they're done in an elegant and resourceful way on the iPad.

its early still. no doubt we'll probably see some changes and maybe some surprises by the time it launches in about 2 months time. lots can happen software-wise between now and then.
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