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Editing Metadata for Kindle ... ???

I'm sorry if this is discussed somewhere, I did searches for over an hour and could find my specific issue.

I love Calibre - I use it all the time to feed my Kindle2. However One thing that I have a problem with and can't seem to figure out is editing the Metadata mainly Author & Title so that i can control sorting within my Kindle2.

I edit the Metadata - first by trying to 'fetch' it and then I clean it up to match the way I would like the information displayed, fixing typos title case etc..

Then when it's sent or loaded to my Kindle2 the information is not displayed or formatted the way it saved it within Calibre.

I did try a program Mobi2mobi.exe which seems to work, doing what I want; however if I use a Mobi file that was saved/created from Calibre I get an exception error when reading in the file.

Is there something that is NOT working correctly with Calibre when saving .mobi files? I've never had a problem opening or reading them with my kindle or other .mobi readers or software.

And is there a way to get Calibre to edit the fields that effect the labels that the kindle uses to sort within the device?
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