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neadams99 began at the beginning.
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I saw your sig where I was to go to I tried to make a for my Calibre software and then it should've worked. I found the instx lacking for me, a newbie. I know I didn't do something right. It didn't work. I began with the instx for Epub/PDF: I omitted the fist part that related to mobi/prc files as I already can do that. The other issue is that the first link was broken:
I must not have done something as I couldn't get Calibre to recognize it as a plugin. Steps I followed: copied and pasted the script to notepad as a (.txt file) beginning with the line 24. Saved as "". Went to documents and created a .zip folder with the .txt file in it. This seems wrong to me. How is python to recognize the file or run it? Should I have copied it into the Python26/tools/scripts file?? Anyway, the Calibre was not able to help me out deDRM the PDF files like I though & hoped it may.
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