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Originally Posted by rcuadro View Post
Maybe it is just me but since you have to copy the files into the directory and then double click on the sendtokindle file anyhow... why not just open an explorer window, select all, and then drag to the kindle?
Fair point. However this way I just have to plugin the device and double click the icon, rather than navigating through Explorer.

This is actaully step one in a plan to try to use my Kindle as an alternative to printing things out. The idea is to use a pdf printer (or the pdf publish feature in Word 2007) to place all the files I want to print into the c:\kindle folder and then when I am ready to leave the office I just have to plug in the kindle and double click the icon.

What I really wanted was a printer driver for Kindle to make it into a virtual printer, but it doesnt seem to have been invented yet.
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