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Semi Automatic copy of content to Kindle

I have been looking for software that will allow me to plug in my Kindle and have content in a specific folder copied automatically. Idea is to plugin Kindle before leaving the office and copy all the documents I need for the evening over in one hit. I don't want content to be automatically copied to any other USB device I plug in though.

As I didnt find a free solution that did exactly this, I decided to go half way and give myself a one double-click solution.

Plug in the Kindle to USB
Right Click My Computer and click Manage
Click on Disk Management
The Kindle will be displayed as a Volume called Kindle(x:) where x: is any drive letter
Right click on the Kindle name and click Change Drive Letter and paths
Click the change button
Change the drive letter to K: and click OK
Click OK
The Volume name should now change to Kindle(K:)
Close Computer Management

Create a Folder on the root of the C: drive called Kindle - C:\Kindle

Right click on the desktop and create a new text file. This should be renamed to SendToKindle.cmd
Right click the SendToKindle.cmd file on the desktop and click Edit
Enter the following text into the file and Save it.

@Echo off
cd /d c:\kindle
dir |find " 0 bytes" && if not errorlevel 1 cls && Echo No files to copy && Goto LeaveNow
if not exist k:\. cls && Echo Kindle not plugged in && Goto LeaveNow
@Echo Copying files to Kindle
move c:\kindle\*.* K:\documents\unknown
@Echo Copy complete

Connect your kindle to usb

Double click on the SendToKindle.cmd file on the desktop. You should get a message saying "No files to copy".

Place a .mobi or .pdf or whatever file into the C:\Kindle folder.
Double click on the SendToKindle.cmd file on the desktop. You should get a message listing the files as they are copied and saying Copy complete.


NB: This article is based on you *not* having another disk or network drive allocated to drive K already. If you do then you will have to tinker with the steps and with the script.

NB: The script MOVES the files from the C:\Kindle folder to the Kindle. It does not leave a copy of the files on your Computer.

NB: Obviously if you assign the letter K: to another drive and run the script then you are going to end up with your files on that drive.
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