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I've got this one, and it seems pretty decent, although as it's such a new phenomenon I haven't really tried any other models. It's really light, the screen is clear and refreshes speedily, etc. I do like that it comes with 100 free books, and that I can faff with it through my computer. (I have a Mac, and I needed to buy a card reader to play with the book files, but I like that more.)

I am having a couple of quirky discoveries - when I put a new .txt file on, or any other file that I've created, I get two files - one that's the actual book file, and one that's a duplicate, with an underscore at the start of the file name, that contains no text at all. Bizarre. I also find the formatting a bit strange - there's no indents at the start of the paragraphs, and I can't add more than one carriage return between the title (or whichever bit of text) and the next line.

There was a strange bug where the .htm files had carriage returns in some places and the reader didn't see them and made the last word of one row and the first word of the next run together. There was a firmware update that smoothed that one out. I hope that some of the formatting niggles I've noticed are being sorted in the next firmware update, which this page says will be rolled out this week.

Anyway, if anyone has any tips I'd be really grateful to hear about your experiences and solutions. There's a really good blog post here, but it was more of a review than a bug-fixing advice post!
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