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sjeffrey began at the beginning.
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Thanks all for the comments.
@brecklundin, I mostly read software books like coding, patterns, designs and software architecture books so I don't think color is a big deal. Thanks for the tip on audio books, although I never tried my patience with an audio book So I'm reluctant to sign up for a full year to save 100$. Too bad because that is a great deal if you actually use them.
Resale value is an interesting though but if you consider that color eInk will come out later this year then I suspect it will severely hurt the price of current Kindles. I don't think I want to wait that long anyways. I'm very impulsive when it comes to tech'y purchares and with Amazon not having price guarantee anymore I would be seriously pissed of purchasing within days of a price drop. I know it's normal with gadgets but I would at least expect to have 30 days of price matching from Amazon themselves...

I have been reading about how PDF is not all that great currently on the DX. Should I be concerned or is this something that we expect will be fixed in the near future or that we can address using Calibre?

Do you think the the K2 could be big enough for my needs? It's cheaper and if it becomes obsolete by a color device this year then it's only 250$ (+shipping and import fees) rather then 490$ (+shipping and import fees)...
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