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Should I wait?

Hi everyone,
first of all I apologize if someone already started a topic like this. I searched and didn't find anything. It's hard to filter through all the iPad talks

Basically, I'm thinking of buying an eBook reader. I picked up the Aluratek Libre to try i to out (Costco had it for cheap and have a good return policy). What I can tell from this device is that it might do a good job for novels but I will mostly be using this for IT books in PDF format, therefore lot's of pictures. The Libre is just too slow and too small to make the experience enjoyable. And it's not even eInk. So this thing will return to the store.

I played with the Sony prs-600 and 300 for a bit in a store. I liked the contrast on the 300 but couldn't test out PDF (not even sure it supports it). As for the 600, the contrast wasn't great and still a little small, trying to zoom in a picture was a bit of a PITA.

So the Kindle DX comes to mind but it's a pretty big price tag. BTW, I should mention also that I am from Canada. My concern is that Amazon could lower there prices in response to the iPad announcement. Do you guys think I should wait a bit to see what happens or since the international version of the DX was just released then it is very unlikely that the price will change in the next month or so?
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