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Thanks for looking into these problems. I installed Python 2.5.1 sucessfully. Then I opened the libprs500 .dmg and dragged the application to a folder on my Desktop (instead of my Application) and ran it from there. It does prompt for my admin password which I do enter.

For the GUI library list refresh issue:
- no errors are showing up in the console log
- the problem is that if I add lets say a .pdf and a .lrf file, the file selection dialogues come up but the library list remains blank (not even the left hand most column of numbers shows up). If I quit libprs500 gui and then restart, the files then show up. If I add any additional files, nothing is added, only shows the 2 previously added files. Quitting and restarting again then shows all the files. Seems to be a refresh problem.

As for the command line applications not showing up:
I think that on startup the libprs500 GUI is not reliably setting up the symlinks to the executables in it's folder into the /usr/bin folder

The symlinks are not set up when I try to run the latest version of libprs500

When I set up the symlinks manually and run it AND when I try to run from the folder directly, I get the following error (in both situations, the same error):

%>html2lrf --header --font-delta=.5 --bottom-margin=27 -a "test author" -t "test title" "test.html"
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/html2lrf", line 25, in <module>
os.execv(loader_path, sys.argv)
OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Anyone else on OS X having trouble with the command line utilities? Is the libprs500 application self contained or do I have to install some other python libraries/apps too?

Maybe I'm missing some of the Python libraries?

Does the libprs500 check to see if the symlinks are setup properly before running or does it re-install the symlinks each and every time? Does it delete the old symlinks first? Does libprs500 need to be installed in a particular directory?

Thanks, sorry I'm a bit confused.

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