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I think I found a new glitch!

So since I had gotten my Nook I've been using it to read Manga. I purchased a 16gb SD card to put manga on and everything had been going fine untill today. All of a sudden all the files in the My Documents folder disappeared. They still showed up on the computer but in the nook it would just read "no items". I tried everything to get them back including setting up an RMA for my Nook assuming something had to be wrong with the SD reading. Until I realized today I had added 4 gigs of new manga scans. I deleted down to about 9.5 gigs and everything came back. So apparently the maximum a Nook can currently read is about 10 gigs, not the previously assumed 16. this may also be due to the fact that it is a class 2 card, but I doubt it. Does anyone else have a 16 gig card and 16 gigs of crap they can put on it to verify this?
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