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Hi kovidgoyal,

I am new to Mobileread and to Linux in general, and I use your libprs500 to transfer books from my laptop running Ubuntu to my Sony Reader. Everything works fine apart from some odd error message when I transfer files to the Reader, telling me there was a series of errors during the transfer, but without negative effect in practice (the same happens when I delete files on the Reader via libprs500, btw).

Still, I'm willing to give your new version a go to see what you've changed, but reinstalling libprs500 following the operations on your website still gets me version 0.3.37, not 0.3.55.

Am I doing something wrong or missing something ?

By the way, let this be the occasion to thank you for your fantastic contribution for the cause of Linux and free data exchange in general ! I am (slowly) learning Python, and I can see what amount of work you must have put in this !
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