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<sarcasm mode on>

The Tegra Tablet can't be any good:

1. Look at the size of that bezel! Who could possibly think that's reasonable?

2. Looks a lot thicker than 0.5 inches -- probably weighs far more. Who wants a heavy tablet?

3. LCD screen? If it's not Pixel Qi or e-ink, it's junk!

4. According to reports (, the core processor is a Cortex A9 ARM dual-core processor at up to 1GHz. My $2000 laptop has a quad-core 2.33 Ghz processor, so this is way too slow to do anything.

5. $500? I can get a netbook for $300! Why would I want this thing for nearly twice the price?

6. Full OS? It's probably Windows, so it'll get infected with viruses and spyware!

7. Only wireless mentioned, no 3G -- obviously a cost-cutting measure that will make this a EPIC FAIL!!!!

8. It's not a dedicated ereading device with a Pixel Qi or e-ink screen, so we shouldn't even be talking about it here!

Only MSI fanbois and clueless sheeple will possibly want to buy something like this. Obviously, the tech specs aren't anywhere near good enough for the "real" readership here. No matter how many millions of these things are sold, this will still be the ultimate, no-holds-barred EPIC FAIL OF THE CENTURY!!!

</sarcasm off>

(please note: the above rant, with suitable modifications, may also be used for the Apple Ipad)
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