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I tried this editor and I have few questions and comments. I'm sorry if these have been answered already but because I read this thread quickly, I didn't find answers for these questions.

I open my MS Word file with Atlantis and my document contains many paragraph styles already. Is there a way to select all unused styles (like in InDesign) so I could see which styles are used in the document? I would like to get rid off all the unused styles.

All the style names in CSS file are just p1, p2 and so on. Is there a way to get the original paragraph style names into CSS file when exporting as an epub? I have styled the whole text with different describing paragraph style names and it would be nice if the same names are used in CSS file. Would be easier to edit style "bodytype" instead of first finding which p# corresponds to my "bodytype" style.

Does Atlantis support character styles? All the italics and bolds are made with <i></i> and <b></b> tags but it would be nice to have more control in that. For example, if I want to have italic text inside a paragraph with 3 different font sizes. Would be easy to control them with different character styles.

Also, the epub file is shown differently in ADE and Azardi. I didn't try in any ebook reader device yet but is it Atlantis' problem or reading systems' problem?

Anyway, a really nice software and keep up the good work! I'll follow its development because it seems to be a promising software for creating ebooks smoothly and easily.
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