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Originally Posted by Charbax View Post
What was the point of Apple waiting so long to release their tablet if it wasn't even to include the e-ink-killer Pixel Qi 3Qi screen?

Pixel Qi 3Qi has been confirmed to be in production now, so that should mean several competitors will be implementing it in cheaper Netbook/Tablet convertibles and the Apple iPad will look quite weak in comparison.

Not only in terms of readability, sunlight readability, also in terms of battery life, an ARM Powered product like the iPad could most surely achieve upwards 50 hours battery life with the Pixel Qi 3Qi screen in reflective mode since the LCD backlight is surely the single most power consuming component of the whole iPad.
To be honest, i was sure that Apple would have implemented Pixel Qi in it's tablet. I could have bet on it after the announcement of McGraw-Hill's CEO. But now I have to say I am very disappointed by the product.

I am disappointed with Apple as much as I am disappointed with Plastic Logic. Thinking about it, they both spent ages in product development and missed very important requirements of their users.

For Plastic Logic, they missed a good price, stylus input, SD card slot....etc and a much earlier release date that will allow early adopters to get the device and be happy with it.

Apple missed the Pixel Qi screen, and haven't really done anything new except develop a bigger iPhone or iPod touch.

I think Sony might introduce a newer 12" screen eInk reader that will solve most issues for me
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