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left alignment revisited

Hi all,

My Kindle DX international arrived and I've been very happy with it.
There is only one thing that is nagging me. I have a lot of non-drmed mobi books which I would like to read on my Kindle. The only problem is that they all show up justified (with straight right margin) which I think is horrible.
My old Cybook shows the files with ragged right margin (which I like!).
I know that Kindle will obey the internal formatting, and I have been converting them with Calibre but with strange results. The only thing that works is converting them to ePub with Calibre, then editing them with Sigil, and then converting them back to .mobi with Calibre .
Most of the time, however, I loose the Table of Contents this way
Do any of you know a better way to reformat the right margin to ragged?
I don't want to wait for Amazon to put the left/right alignment choice back into the firmware...


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