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ebook publisher & blockquotes

Can some one explain what I am doing wrong with my blockquotes?

The attached image shows what I am ending up with:

Below is the code I am using:

<STYLE TYPE="text/css">
td.coverpage {width:100%; height:445px; text-align:center; vertical-align:middle}	
h1.booktitle {margin-top:15%} {margin-top:5%} {margin-top:7%}
p.blockquote {margin-top:1.5ex; margin-bottom:1.5ex; margin-left:3.5em; margin-right:3.5em}
p.blockquote_begin {margin-top:1.5ex; margin-left:3.5em; margin-right:3.5em}
p.blockquote_mid {margin-top:0.5ex; margin-left:3.5em; margin-right:3.5em}
p.blockquote_end {margin-top:0.5ex; margin-bottom:1.5ex; margin-left:3.5em; margin-right:3.5em}
.pagebreak {page-break-before:always}
header {display:none; display:oeb-page-head}
span.header {font-size:x-small}
span.footer {font-size:x-small}
footer {display:none; display:oeb-page-foot}


<P class="blockquote_begin">The Great Depression of 2020 fostered a revival of organized crime. The black market in technology surpassed drugs and prostitution to become the primary source of revenue for these criminals.</P>
<P class="blockquote_end"> <b>Dr. Jessica Owen-Wells</b>, The Great Depression of 2020, copyright 2041, American Historical Society </P>
<P class="blockquote_begin">In creating the thinking machine, man has made the last step in submission to mechanization; and his final abdication before this product of his own ingenuity has given him a new object of worship: a cybernetic god.</P>
<P class="blockquote_end"><b> Lewis Mumford</b>, The Transformations of Man, 1956 </P>
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me

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