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Thanks, wallcraft.

BTW, returning to the backlighting comment, I just had to add since I saw it today in the wake of the iPAD release...

Lance Ulanoff of PC Magazine quoted in paper today: ""It's very different from the Kindle. I'ts backlit. It's bright. E-reading on this device was kind of impressive."

So...suddenly Apple comes out with something and backlighting is cool (as I've maintained for years). It's no longer a flaw. Yay! But when Kindle came out without backlighting, that became a feature, not a flaw and suddenly everyone's going around saying "It's great! There's no backlighting!" I think we get a lot of nonsense shoved down our throats all the time and Amazon did a heckuva job of propaganda here. I find brighter screens far easier to read, and of course backlighting makes it easy to read in low light conditions. I'd never buy an e-reader without backlighting available.
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