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Hello from las vegas nv.

about 2 weeks I became aware of your wonderful informative service. Thankyou. I am beginning a project of deciding if I want an ereader,and if it should have the ability to do other tasks such as wifi,internet browsing.
And whether having android is desirable. Whats holding me back at this point in making a decision is that it seems all screens in the under $300 range are not in color (i'm spoiled) and few have wi fi with a full browser ability plus the screen size are under 6 inches for those ereaders that do have the wifi.
Ofcourse if I wait ,prices will come down,and the most popular features that end buyers appear to desire will be incorpated within the product. A serious drawback currently is that units have a sealed battery. In viewing specs from the various manufactures,so far i have not seen what the anticipated ife cycle is for the sealed battery. I would enjoy learning what features currently or what you want in an ereader. Thanks again for a great resource in mobile read. And any thoughts if a netbook has an advantage or disadvantage as an ereader versus the products that are currently available as ereaders.
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