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I totally agree. If you consider it, almost any piece of technology (given that it WORKS) is going to be subject to user preferences, environment, personal history (skill/comfort level).

I bought a JetBook Lite on sale while waiting for my Nook to arrive, and when it did I found the Nook to be difficult to read. I had to use my higher-power specs to view it comfortably, and it seems the text is softer which also is a challenge to my less-than-perfect vision.

I was disappointed by the not-quite-so-bright-white background of the Nook as well, and by comparison I find the JetBook's screen easier to read in subdued lighting.

But again, not pressing an argument, just agreeing that there really ISN'T an argument here, use the one you prefer. My wife is now the proud owner of the Nook.

My only purpose for comment is for those wondering which to buy, the readability issue is one that you should decide for yourself. If possible, find someone who owns one, visit a B&N store, the proof is in the trying it yourself.

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This is one of those conclusions that goes to one's subjective take on it. I have both a jetBook and a number of e-ink devices. I personally perfer e-ink over TFT.

One is not "better" than the other; it's what one perfers.

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