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Disable / Wake Suspend during News Fetch

First of all, I'd like to (thx) Kovid Goyal for this wonderful program. Helps with Eye strain so much since now I can read news on an e-INK device instead of TFT screens. (how people read on iPhones or TFT e-Book devices for prolonged periods is beyond me)

However, I would like to also give a feature request.

The news fetch can be interrupted by Auto-Suspend timer. I checked "powercfg -requests" (win7) during a news fetch and saw nothing listed by Calibre to prevent suspend from occurring. This means large recipes like Slashdot that take several hours, will most likely be halted once the inactivity suspend timer reaches zero. Hence the news fetch will never complete.

Conversely, can Calibre wake the PC on scheduled news fetch?

That would be a great help if this could happen.

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