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Originally Posted by atm74 View Post
Hope someone could enlighten me on this query. I know that these devices SmartQ V5 & V7 have both built in batteries. It will die out eventually, my questions are,
1. How do you get it replaced?
2. How much does it cost for the replacement?
3. What is the battery life of these devices?

Lastly, I am interested on the above as purely e-book reader for PDF Non-DRM & DRM types. If anybody here knows of a cheaper type that could read both, please let me know. Dealextreme is the only website I know that will ship to my country (Philippines) for free. Any tip is greatly appreciated. Thanks a million.
1)The batteries are soldered in so in theory not user replaceable, however if you can use a soldering iron then it's not a difficult job.
2)SmartDevices do not sell batteries as spare parts so you would have to source your own e.g. ebay, dx etc - cost ???
3)How long is a piece of string? Users may be able to give an informed opinion on this in due course as they have only been around for approx 8 mths, but as a guess 1-2 years depending on care/usage.
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