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Metadata Download Plugins

Now I profusely apologise if this has already presented itself but I've been searching high and low after downloading Calibre today and I'm just wondering...

There is 3 Metadata Download Plugins that come with Calibre:
Google Books
isbnDB (Requires registration)

Now what I'm asking is... has anyone created any other Metadata Download Plugins? I know its possible as some people have asked how to do the above. But I'm wondering if there is a list, depository, archive etc. of Plugins already created? Something to help get those many pesky rare books that I cannot get metadata for?

Some choice ones I've heard of after many hours of browsing would be...
Barnes and Noble

Asked to add: (Used quite often on the free/cheap books section) (Took a quick glance most likely won't work with multiple differing formats.)

But after searching I'm still unable to discover any Plugins for these... Does anyone know of any of these having plugins? Or any plugins that would be handy for people to know about? I'll add them here when they roll in.


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