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Originally Posted by Dr. Drib View Post
This is payback time for me. I've been so busy posting books that I want that I haven't done much of anything for those readers who like things different from what I like. Many of us have so many different tastes in reading...

I'm not sure how making books that you like yourself available to everyone in the community to download as they wish qualifies as selfish -- seems like anything but to me. Formatting works that *other* people want to read is far above and beyond the call of duty. As one of the many who lurk and download beautifully formatted books without giving much back (no free time at the moment), I'd just like to say how appreciative I am of having MobileRead as a source of several hundred free books formatted for the reader, regardless of whose reading taste they represent!


(Who hopes one day to LRF format a book or two himself)
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