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The doctor is in...


Listen, the descriptive noun "Newbie" does not even begin to describe me.

I searched, and even when I did, esoteric language (for me) made it incomprehensible.

Here's what I have: Sony PRS-900

Here's what else I have: hundreds of medical PDFs organized perfectly into folders on my MacBook Pro.

Here's what I need: to drag the folders into my reader without having to do anything else.

Question 1) is that possible?
Question 2) if not, for what should I trade this eReader?

I can't seem to drag folders to Reader Library and have them stay that way - which seems to me to be the most logical method of transferring files. I realize that even for Mac it is a "virtual" directory system, but considering how many PDFs I have, and the fact that they are separated based on subject, and especially the fact that I am adding to my database on a weekly basis, I need an easy Drag-and-drop method to keep that up to date on the reader.

I apologize profusely in advance, for what I realize must be either a) asked every five minutes and b) quite rudimentary for you guys.
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