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I think I'll keep it off my iPhone after my latest experiences with Zinio on my Mac.

I opened a newly-downloaded magazine and was told that a later version of the software was available. Unlike on previous occasions, I foolishly agreed. The new version downloaded, installed "successfully" but wouldn't work. I repeated the process several times with similar bad results.

I uninstalled the new version and attempted to reinstall the old version. I was told that it couldn't be installed because a later version was installed. I searched my Mac for any signs of a Zinio app and deleted them. I downloaded and ran an uninstall app from Zinio. Nothing worked.

I called Zinio tech support. After being on hold for some 45 minutes, I reached a technician and explained my problem. We tried installing the latest version together and got the same result as I had before. He consulted a higher authority at Zinio but they couldn't come up with a solution. I asked about reinstalling the old version and we tried to reinstall with the same "couldn't be installed because a later version was previously installed" message. He confessed he'd encountered that problem before but couldn't find a workaround. I urged him to consult the higher authority. He did so, but the higher authority was equally helpless. The culprit seemed to be a particularly vile form of third party DRM software they were using.

Bad applications are one thing, but bad applications that cannot be fully uninstalled are pure evil. I deleted all things Zinio from my computer and cancelled all my digital Zinio subscriptions. And I'm not about to let them near my iPhone.
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