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Hope that I can finally make some contribution to this community by doing a bit translation on the information released by OPPO which is solely in Chinese.

According to the official forum of OPPO: (Please remove this link if reference link is not allowed. Anyway, I am just an Eink reader user who has no affiliation with this OPPO company)
No details on the specifications has been made in their post. It sounds like they are only "releasing" the news of this ebook reader instead of actually launching it in the near future, as what you may have guessed from the crappy picture they put together (If they have the real product, I don't think they would concoct such a picture which even a PS layman like me can point out that it's completely fake~) The only promising news is this ENJOY will accept a variety of files... including MS Office files (Word, Excel and PPT), PDF, Epub, HTML, CHM. Nothing more has been said in their post nor from other Chinese sites on the web. I bet its development is still in a very preliminary stage, so, although most of you don't, don't expect anything soon.

OPPO, according to their web, is a featured phone manufacturer. Although its name is in obscurity in my area ( Hong Kong ), this kind of local Chinese phone producers are reputed for mimicking major brands' models. They stuffed in WM OS, Android OS or whatever they can cook up with to their phones. They have a lot of funny models like O-Phone (the iphone replica..running their own home-brewn OS), N97 (replica of Nokia N97... some running an illegitimate copy of WM6.1)... blah blah blah... anything alike. They are also good at integrating some marvelous functions into a cellphone.. from TV receiver (which is rather common) to Counterfeit Money Detector (a little ultraviolet lamp installed at the top of the phone which is a rather innovative idea to me. See how rampant counterfeit money problem is?) They can even fit in a sub-woofer at the back of a phone and turn the phone into a portable audio system. That's funny, huh?

From their web, OPPO is rather "original" with their phone design. That's encouraging~

Sorry for my crappy English and I will update you guys if anything interesting pop up here in this Land of Miracles ~

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