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Originally Posted by Robertb View Post
Dear CrimsonCherries:

Thank you. I am very pleased you are still loving your Pocket PRO. We are prompt on replacements. Any problems: call Elliott at: 1-866-368-8788. Or... send me a PM!! I very much want you happy!! Do NOT understand how you got two that wrinkled!! I will look into that!!
Thanks, Robert! It was difficult to part with since I take it everywhere with me, but the peeling and wrinkling started accelerating the past few weeks. The wrinkling in the back was kinda weird - the skin was expanding and wrinkling, but not actually peeling, like it was trying to shed its skin or something. LOL I was tempted to see what would happen, but I couldn't handle the peeling/flaking paint on the front anymore. I really do prefer the textured coating so I returned it for a replacement.

By the way, I love the color of the maroon, which is a darker, more muted red. It was odd, but the original Pocket Pro I got was a lighter red. I'm hoping that this next replacement is the same darker red as the one I just returned.

1/21/10 Edit: Darn - Astak is out of the maroon. Estimated time for next maroon shipment is in one month. I can't wait that long as I'm anxious to start using my Pocket Pro again. I told Ruby I could wait up to a week and she said she'll check with the factory to see if they can ship it sooner. If they can't, I've requested a blue one.

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