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Originally Posted by Dave W View Post
Since the microprocessor must use power, Sony should specify both page turn and run time limits for those of us who don't go through 7500 pages within the run time limit.
Sony specifies very clearly in their documentation:
Maximum Battery: Approx. 7,500 continuous page turns when reading only *
* Measured using a fully charged battery and counting consecutive
BBeB Book and ePub format page-turns at approx 1 page per sec.
Actual battery life may vary based on usage patterns and specific
Nota bene: at approx one page per second!!!
Nobody can read that fast (well, at least I can't and I don't know anyone else that does it either).
But, all manufacturers do the same: they do testings under certain conditions and, sometimes, these cannot be reproduced entirely in the real life.
It is impossible to keep everyone happy, that's why tey say clearly that the actual battery life dependes on usage patterns.

I would suggest to do this test (it seems that you have plenty of time, so, why not?): start with a full battery (after 5 hours of charging), open a book, then press the page turn button until the battery is fully depleted (that is, when your readers dies). Don't forget to count! And make sure you turn pages at a pace of approx 1/second (no reading required, no matter how interesting the book may be). And, once you are done with the test, come back and let us know! OK?
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