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More questions than answers

I just read this entire thread and am still confused.

I, too, have noticed short battery life. I have not yet quantified it because, so far, I just plug it into my notebook USB port when I have it on. However, let me list a few comments from this thread that puzzle me.

1. Bad charger or USB port. If the reader isn't getting a complete charge, why would the battery charge indicator indicate full charge? Li-ion batteries should have "smart battery" capability and not simple timers built into the reader. So a full charge indication should be accurate.

2. Reader time vs. page turns. This one is really puzzling. According to what I've read about the e-ink displays, power is only used when a page is being turned. Therefore, I should be able to leave my reader on indefinitely up to the self-discharge limit. However, I recognize that the reader must have a microprocessor that needs power whenever the unit is on. So why the claim (not by Sony) that power is only used when a page is turned? Maybe the display only uses power then, but that isn't the real world. Since the microprocessor must use power, Sony should specify both page turn and run time limits for those of us who don't go through 7500 pages within the run time limit.

3. Short battery life due to either bad charger or bad battery. Admittedly, those are the mostly causes, but not the only causes. How about a processor that works, but has a higher than normal power drain? How about other circuits within the reader that might be stuck in one state. The audio player staying on, for example. The headphone driver may be off so no sound would be in the headphones, but the audio circuitry could still be using power when it should not.

There were other issues brought up in this thread, but I didn't jot them down and don't want to re-read the entire thread. As to customer support, I have not called Sony, but did email them regarding the inability to use a universal USB wall charger made for things like ipods. They answered me quickly and politely. I didn't like the answer, but they did answer my question. The answer, for those of you who may not know, is that the reader senses the computer on the other end of the USB cable and won't accept the USB charge if it isn't coming from a computer. Bummer and shame on Sony. Sounds like they just want to sell me a $30 wall charger.

Dave W.
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