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Homebrew Wish List

As per this post here I'm gonna go ahead and start thread where we can all post our wants and desires for the Sony Reader that Sony probably (or definately) will not do.

There's also the Wiki page that has quite a few things, but that includes features we'd like/expect to see soon in the Sony software or things that have been already homebrewed. This thread is for what you'd like to see developed by our community here or to post a link to your own developments along these lines.

To start us off I'm gonna post a couple of features that I'd like to see (but am currently too unskilled to create).

- Sudoku (I'm hooked, what can I say)
- ...

I had others in mind when I started this thread but thus are the fruits of posting from work after a long day playing catch up and get ahead so you can take the next day off to get your vehicle fixed.

Who's next?
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