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Originally Posted by Linda! View Post
My JBL arrived today in the mail. I really love it!!!! The screen is so clear and easy to read and the pages turn so quickly. I can easily zip through the pages. The bump in back is bigger than I thought it would be but its not a problem. I think its going to work out well.
Congratulations Linda! I think you will enjoy the JBL. I finally received a back-ordered NOOK yesterday and I still prefer the JBL. I started a comparison page today of Kindle2, Nook, and the Jetbooks, and it's really amazing how much more value the Jetbook Lite is over the "big guns" of the market.

Be sure to get a good AA recharging system; Duracell and Energizer both have fast charge units with four pre-charged batteries. Get a second set of four and you'll have fresh batteries for years for only about $20.

If you do need regular AA's I'd also recommend Lithium. A little more expensive but they may last as much as 25% longer than even the best alkaline.

BTW: NewEgg continues to surprise, though the $119 sale of the Lite is over, the standard JetBook (Burgundy) is now available for $149 with $1.99 shipping. Biggest difference is the standard Jetbook doesn't do DRM and it has built-in Li-Ion battery.
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