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gromit62 has learned how to read e-booksgromit62 has learned how to read e-booksgromit62 has learned how to read e-booksgromit62 has learned how to read e-booksgromit62 has learned how to read e-booksgromit62 has learned how to read e-booksgromit62 has learned how to read e-books
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iRex DR800S ab sofort erhältlich

Ich wurde am Wochenende von folgender Pressemitteilung überrascht:

EIN HOVEN,January 13,2010 – IREX Technologies has unveiled the R800S,the company ’s newest addition to its innovative line of eReaders.The 8.1-inch touch-screen device boasts a sleek design,easy-to-use interface and open DRM policy – it will be available January.18 in stores (amongst others Mediamarkt,FNAC and Selexyz)throughout Germany,France,Spain,Italy,Greece,the Netherlands,
Belgium and the UK and online in the IREX Web shop (
Users simply connect the device to a PC,quickly purchase and upload a book or periodical from a range
of content providers.A unique screen surface differentiates the R800S from competitive devices,and
delivers a natural reading experience in the living room,on the train or in a coffee shop.
“The R800S offers a powerful combination of distinctive design and functionality that make it so good
at what it ’s built to do – providing users a true reading experience that far eclipses what they ’d get from
a multifunction device,” said Hans Brons,founder and CEO,IREX Technologies.
IREX ’s open-RM policy grants users the freedom to choose where they purchase books,magazines or
newspapers.The R800S supports multiple formats,including the industry standard ePub,rather than a
single,“closed ” proprietary format that locks content in to a device.
The R800S will be taken to market in cooperation with the largest European specialist distributor of
ebook readers,istriread (
Key product specifications
The R800S features:
• Big screen,compact design –An 8.1-inch screen is larger than that of many of its competing
products,making the R800S ideal for reading books,magazines and newspapers with detailed
• Purpose-built device – With IREX ’s electronic paper display technology using E Ink ’s Vizplex
imaging film,the reading experience on the R800S is significantly more realistic than possible
with a netbook or tablet device.The display also allows for longer battery life and a lightweight
• Easy navigation – Navigation is simple with the device ’s interactive touch screen and
straightforward buttons.Pages turn faster;search and bookmarking are made easy with a tap of
the stylus.
• Customized reading – With the touch of a button,text size is easily reduced or enlarged,margin
widths can be changed and layout can be switched between portrait and landscape.
• Transfer your documents – Copy or transfer documents directly to the device without
additional software or fees.
Other IREX products include:
R1000S :eReader with 10.2 ” diagonal screen-size for business professionals and education
R800SG:leisure reading device with built-in 3G module (US market only)
iLiad 2
Edition:eReader with built-in 802.11g WiFi interface
iLiad Book Edition
Price and Availability
The device will sell for Euro 499/GBP 449,including VAT,and comes with a custom cover and stylus.
Note to editors
For more information please visit,,, or
About IREX Technologies
IREX Technologies BV has been instrumental in pushing the frontiers of digital reading since 2001 when
it developed the electronic paper display for the Sony Librié,the first commercially-available eReader
launched in 2004.Following the formation of IREX Technologies in 2005 as a spin-off company from
Royal Philips Electronics,the company ’s focus on open innovation and co-operation has seen them
become one of the world ’s leading providers of solutions for reading written digital content with the
ease and comfort of print on paper.This is combined with the interactivity,flexibility and up-dating
functionality provided by digital information.
IREX Technologies Media Relations Europe
Loeki van der Lee
T:+31 40 851 4650
About E Ink Corporation
E Ink Corporation is the world's leading supplier of electronic paper display (EP )technologies.E Ink's
technology is ideal for many consumer and industrial applications spanning handheld devices,eBooks,
eNewspapers,PC-accessories,public information displays and promotional signs.E Ink is a private
corporation that includes among its investors and strategic partners Air Products and Chemicals,Chi Lin
Technology,Epson,Hearst Corp,Intel,LG isplay,Motorola,Philips,Prime View International,Toppan
Printing Co and Wacom.E Ink ’s customers include Amazon,Casio,Citizen,Hanwang,Hitachi,IREX,Lexar,
Plastic Logic,Samsung and Sony.E Ink news can be found
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