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Originally Posted by Critteranne View Post
Also, I'm pretty sure Amazon has review guidelines that the reviews must actually be about the content of the book. But they aren't as good about as taking them down anymore.
Actually, you would be mistaken. One of the review police emailed Amazon about taking the Kindle protests down and were told they were within Amazon's guidelines.

Again, I'm sorry some of you feel this is "childish" and if Amazon was the only place one could turn for book reviews, even just user submitted ones, I might sympathize. But it isn't. If someone is only looking to Amazon for advise on what to read, I feel sorry for them period.

This just happens to be one form of protest that companies have been known to listen to. Anything else is easily ignored. And it's not like the review police aren't voting the Kindle protests down so it's really easy to find a "real" review. But, as I mentioned earlier Amazon user reviews on political books are next to worthless as they are rarely more than cheerleader for or against the political side of the author. So I have a hard time the reviews on this book weren't going to devolve into name calling anyway. Look at how many of the review police are accusing the Kindle people of being politically motivated.

I find it kind of disheartening that so many people here seem to think expecting equal treatment for eReaders is unreasonable (especially as the publishers are trying to push prices upwards to hardback levels) and daring to actually speak out against these moronic policies in a forum that publishers actually care about (because it can hurt the bottom line) is childish and sinking to some level.

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