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Any luck? I've finally had a go of converting .lit files myself, and in order to do it, you'll have to install two programs first. I'm not sure if that's clear from the links above. Anyway, the first program is eBook Publisher <>, the other is Convert Lit <>. Install both these before trying nrapallo's program for converting .lit to .imp.

There are a lot of steps in all, but as I suspected, it is not bad once you've got everything set up. I have not tried a DRM'd (copy-protected) .lit file yet though, so I don't know what that will add to the process. You use the Convert Lit program above to remove the DRM, but it looks like you may have to install Microsoft's Reader software in order to do it. (See HarryT's response here, for example: <>).

I thought I had seen a thread that better summarized the process of removing DRM using Convert Lit, but I just can't find it now. Also, it seems like there's a shorter summary of the DRM'd .lit to .imp process somewhere, but I can't find that either. Anyway, hopefully I can report more on this when I get a chance to buy a book and try it. Again, the number of steps involved can be off-putting -- perhaps irreparably so if one is not computer-inclined -- but once everything is installed, it is really slick, at least for the DRM-free .lit files I've tried.
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