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The comments to the reviews are pretty priceless. I'm guessing it's because this is a political book and I know with those there tend to be tons of one star reviews for little reason, but wow, there are some grouchy people out there. I can think of a lot of better things to do with my time than to vote down and bitch out people who write Kindle protest reviews, but what do I know?

Oh and as others have mentioned, doing something like this, which could directly impact book sales, is about the only way I can see to get anyone's attention. As for all the people over there whining about the one star reviews, well, they've voted the "real" reviews way up and it's not like Amazon user reviews are the only place to get book reviews. And reading the "real" reviews is about as helpful as reading the Kindle votes. It seems people are either predisposed to love or hate this one based on their politics. Yes, I was legitimately interested in the title, but the user reviews really didn't tell me much. (It doesn't help that most of these self-important Amazon reviewers aren't worth a warm glass of spit anyway.)

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