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Originally Posted by stangri View Post
What about data? Say you want to browse wikipedia on your Kindle in Hungary, how much would that cost you?
Some updates based on

1. Every title available in the U.S. is available in Hungary too, but the price may vary (possibly due to roaming fees and/or VAT payed at the checkout). Haven't tested yet, but I'll ask some local Kindle 2 users.

2. Wikipedia is also free of charge.

3. Downloading personal content (converting via e-mail) or using web browser (if allowed) is charged almost 1 USD per MB. (Note that my mobile net subscription is almost 20 USD for 3 GB.)


Nook haven't any sign to be available worldwide yet. By the way, B&N seems to a lot more friendly to others (Irex or Plastic Logic for example), and for the Customers too.
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