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Thinking about buying a Kindle 2


I am getting ready to purchase a new ereader very soon and am leaning towards the Kindle 2. I read on a netbook right now, but have used a Palm T/X and a Franklin eBookman in the past. I'm familiar with converting formats, so I'm not worried about being "locked in" to one.

I do have a few concerns regarding the Kindle 2 and I'm hoping some users will share their experience(s) with me.

* Privacy. Can Amazon really see what personal content I have on my reader at all times? If I have de-DRM'd content on there, can they see it? Can they remove it?

* The screen. I've read several reports about how fragile the screen is. Are these really just isolated reports, or is this really a common occurance? If you've had a screen break, how did it break and how was Amazon customer service to work with regarding this issue?

* The size. How big is the Kindle compared to say my old Palm T/X or the Sony Readers? I want something smaller than my netbook because I'm tired of lugging it around, and it's clunky to use when all I want to do is read a book. Am I going to be able to carry the Kindle in my purse/bag? With the (possible) screen issues would I even want to carry it in my purse/bag? What kind of protective case would you recommend for it?

* I really want a device that just reads eBooks, but if it could play MP3's as well that would be a bonus. Can the K2 do this? If so, how difficult is it to get (and use) the music on the device, and does listening to music deplete the battery more rapidly?

* If I shop at Fictionwise, or BoB, do I have to pay a fee to get the book onto my Kindle via the "whispernet?"

What is the one thing you love most about your Kindle that you can't live without? What is the one thing you wish your Kindle had/did that it doesn't?

Thank you in advance for all of your thoughts and advice!
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