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Originally Posted by gr8npwrfl View Post
Calibre is the way to go. I format all my books for the Jetbook in epub because the page formating and the zooming of the Jetbook make that the best format.

I no longer plug in the port of my Jetbook it is just too slow being it is a USB 1.1 version.

I purchased two four gig SDHC cards for use with my reader. I have the interface for these cards built into my system and allow Calibre to copy to disk for loading the books.

Please make sure you ad or remove the SDHC card from your Jetbook with power on so the system recognizes the card has been changed. This will make sure your Jetbook sees the changes on the card.

I use the internal memory of the Jetbook to hold the books or references that I always want on my Jetbook. The Bible, reference manuals, etc....

Welcome to the club, I find I now do not go anywhere without my Jetbook and it seems I am less frustrated having to wait somewhere because I can just turn on the Jetbook and fill the time with filling my mind.

Good to know. I was thinking of converting to txt but I'll try a few things. Also you made a good poind about the 1.0 usb and I figured I would do the same as you with the SD card.

But you mentioned " ....I have the interface for these cards built into my system and allow Calibre to copy to disk....." What do you mean you have the interface built in? Are you talking about the SD card reader itself being integrated into your harware. Or is this a software item?

I ask because I understand that the system on the JBL in Linux and I wasn't sure If I need do do something different siny I use Windows Vista.

I assume I can remove the SD card from the JBL (while it is on) and simply insert it into my SD reader and copy to disk in Calibre.

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