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losing line spacing when converting with Calibre

When I first got my reader I downloaded Calibre and batch-converted my library, which consisted mostly of .txt, .lit, and a few word files, to epub. The conversion went smoothly, but when I opened my files I discovered one solid block of text, without any breaks for paragraphs. each book is one massive paragraph. By then it was 2am and I had discovered my device read .txt files just fine, so I shelved the whole thing and forgot about it for awhile.

Now I've got some new .lit files I want to convert. I converted first to pdf, and got a few pages of correctly formatted text, then blank pages. I flipped through about fifteen blank pages and never found the rest of the text. So I re-converted my .lit files to .txt, and and chose the option "insert line breaks" on one of the menus, hoping to fix the problem. Still no good, I have a book-long paragraph.

Am I missing something? I'm not really tech-savvy, I just want a convenient way to read books.
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